Top 10 Things to do on Kauai

While there are many activities to choose from on Kauai, these activities are some best things to do during a vacation to Kauai:

See The Waimea Canyon

WaimeaThe Waimea Canyon is often referred to as "the grand canyon of the Pacific". It is a 14-mile long canyon that is 3,600 feet deep. While it is much smaller than the Grand Canyon, it is truly a stunning sight to behold. The coloration of the rocks in the canyon also has some similarities to Arizona's Grand Canyon. In addition, the structure of the canyon is similar to The Grand Canyon.

There are numerous buttes, crags, and smaller valleys within the canyon. It is possible to look through the canyon for miles on a clear day. There are many hikes that you can take within the canyon, and it's possible to view it from the Waimea Canyon Drive. The Waimea Canyon Drive goes from a lower lookout to a lookout point on the canyon's rim. There are hiking trails in the canyon that are better suited to hikers with experience, but they're also are trails that are good for beginners.

See The Na Pali Coast

Na Pali CoastThe Na Pali Coast is one of the most picturesque coastlines in Hawaii. There are extremely high cliffs that are directly adjacent to the water. These cliffs rise to elevations as high as 4,000 feet, and they have lush, tropical vegetation. In addition to the cliffs, it is also possible to see the beautiful Kalalau Valley. Seeing the cliffs from the water is often regarded as the best way to view them. It's also possible to see dolphins and other types of sea life while you're out on the ocean.

By Water: There are several ways that you can see the Na Pali Coastline by water. The first way to do it is to go on a boat tour. There are both sailboat, raft, and catamaran tours. Some of the tours even offer snorkeling. However, it also is possible to rent sea kayaks.

By Air: Seeing the Na Pali cliffs from above is a truly spectacular sight, and it is possible to easily see the tops of the cliffs. Seeing the cliffs by air also makes it possible to see for an exceptionally long distance. In fact, many people who have toured the Na Pali Coast multiple times feel that seeing the region by air is the best way to do it. There are many places where you can book an air tour. Some air tours offer planes, but they're also are helicopter tours. Helicopter tours often provide a more intense experience than tours on a conventional plane.

On Foot: Seeing the Na Pali Coast by foot is a great way to see the plant life up close, and it is also a great way to see stunning views of the ocean. While there are places where you can take long walks on the beach, you can hike up the cliffs themselves to get even more spectacular views. There are many different trails to choose from. The trails vary greatly in terms of their difficulty level and length. One of the hardest trails in the area is the Kalalau Trail. This trail is 11 miles long, and it contains steep slopes. An example of a more moderate trail is the Hanakapiai trail. This trail is two miles each way, and it contains a vertical ascent of around 400 feet.

Take A Tour Of The North Island's Shore

WailuaThe north shore of the island is a particularly scenic region. There are numerous waterfalls to see. The Wailua Waterfalls are among the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. There also are many beautiful taro fields, scenic beaches, and tropical forests. Tours of the north shore can be a great way to see many of these sights. There are a number of options for boat and air tours of the north shore. In addition, you can choose to form a number of land sightseeing tours. Land tours give you the opportunity to see many of the area's most intriguing sights up close.


Visit The Wailua Valley

Wailua ValleyThe Wailua Valley contains exceptionally lush tropical forests. The valley also is a great place to see Hawaiian culture. In addition, there are taro fields in the valley that date back to the times of ancient Hawaii. There also are a number of waterfalls in the area. One of the most notable waterfalls is Waikani Falls. This waterfall can even be seen from the road. There also are many picturesque streams in the area. There are many places where you can hike in the valley. The hikes in the region vary in terms of their difficulty level and length. In addition, there are a number of roadways in the area where you can see some of the region's most picturesque sights right from your car.

See The Luau Kalamaku at Kilohana Plantation

hula dancersThis plantation is a great place to learn about Hawaii's agriculture. You can see the crops being grown from a train that runs through the plantation. The plantation includes bananas, papayas, and other crops. In addition, there are tropical forests within the plantation. There also is a restaurant on the plantation. This restaurant offers many types of traditional Hawaiian cuisine. There also are traditional Hawaiian performances on the plantation, including a fire poi-ball show.



Attend The The Sheraton Kauai Resort's 'Auli'i Luau Festival

hula girlThis event takes place at a quality Sheraton resort. It is located in the town of Kauai, and the resort is located near the water. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian festival, and it includes a feast and performances. The feast can include various traditional Hawaiian foods, such as poi, lomi salmon, kalua pig, haupia, opihi, and poke. There also is beer available at the event. However, the specific items that are on the menu vary. In addition to the traditional Hawaiian dishes, there also are common dishes from the mainland, such as potato salad. The performances at the festival are quite spectacular. In fact, there is a fire dancing performance. There are different types of seating for the event, and the price varies depending upon the seating that you choose.

Book An ATV Off-Road Tour

There are many off-road trails on the island, and traveling on them is a great way to see plants and animals of the tropical rainforest up close. In addition, it's possible to book an off-road ATV tour on some of Hawaii's beaches. There also are many places where you book an off-road ATV tour, such as Kauai ATV and Kauai Backcountry Adventures. You can choose from a variety of different ATVs in which to travel.

Book A River Boat Tour

River tours make it possible to get a stunning view of the tropical rainforest. River tours travel on the Wailua River on the east side of Kauai. The Wailua River is 20 miles long, and it is Hawaii's second-longest river. After a short boat ride, you will arrive at the Fern Grotto. This cave's entrance is covered in ferns and tropical plants, and it is regarded as one of the most stunning natural sights on the island.

Visit The Island's Tidal Pools And Blow Holes

Blow HoleBlowholes are sea caves that have turned upwards and reached the surface. The ocean water spouts through the portion of the cave that has reached the surface, and this creates a sort of fountain. The weather has a strong impact on whether or not the water reaches the surface.

Due to the geology of the island, there is a number of blowholes on Kauai. One of the most noteworthy ones is Spouting Horn. Spouting Horn is located on Hawaii's south shore, and it is near the town of Poipu. There also are a number of blowholes located on Mahaulepu Beach.

Tidal pools are areas that pools of seawater that are separated from the ocean at low tide. At high tide, they are not separate from the ocean. This is due to slight differences in elevation along the coastline. Usually, tidal pools are created by mounds of rocks. They feature a wide range of unique organisms. There are many tidal pools located along the coastline of Kauai. Some tidal pools on the island are perfect for swimming. These pools provide you with an opportunity to swim without being affected by waves. In addition, the depth of tidal pools is often perfect for wading. This can make them a fun place to visit for your entire family.

Visit the Beaches

Kauai does not get as many tourists as Oahu and Maui, and due to that, you are likely to be one of the only ones on many of the beaches in Kauai. Interestingly, Kauai also has more miles of shoreline than any other island. Of course, if you go to the most popular you'll probably see another face, but we visited several beaches where we were the only people on the entire beach. So take a morning or late afternoon (high noon is known to cause sunburn) and visit one of the many beaches of Kauai.