When Can You Catch the Best Hawaii Weather?

Weather in Hawaii can be as unpredictable as it is lovely, and it affects everything you can do outdoors. If you've never been to the islands, then it's a good idea to decide what kind of good weather you're looking for ahead of time!

Whenever you decide to go to Hawaii, you'll definitely have a good time and be able to take advantage of the year-round good weather. So what's your best weather? Let's find out!

If you're the kind of person who'd rather beat the heat, then spring or fall would be your best seasonal bet. You'll also catch the added benefit of lower crowds! Not only are these less popular seasons for tourism, but they're also part of the school year. Most locals will be busy with work, school, and sports practice or sporting events. If you do your best to plan activities for the weekdays, avoid the beaches on "Aloha Friday" and the weekends, then you'll get good weather and easy traffic as well.

FestivalAnother benefit to coming by in spring is purely cultural. May Day is lei day in Hawaii isn't just a popular song! There are all kinds of May Day events in the springtime, and the Merrie Monarch Festival, a tribute to King David Kalakaua, takes place the weekend after easter. It's an annual week-long celebration of hula dancing on the island of Hilo, Hawaii, with other, smaller events taking place around the same time as well.

Winter is another great time to come to Hawaii for good weather. While Hawaii winters tend to be fairly rainy, the temperature won't dip below the 70s. As long as you pack a raincoat, you'll be well out of your wintry wonderland for the duration of your trip, and able to enjoy the variety of winter activities that Hawaii has to offer.

One fantastic option out of that variety is whale watching! Migrational patterns make winter the prime season for Hawaii-bound whale watchers, and if you've already packed a raincoat, you'll be able to enjoy the view even if your current whale decides that you belong in the splash zone. It's fairly easy to find a tour option for whale watching before you go or after you arrive!

BreachIf you're a fan of surfing, then the winter is a great time for it. Most surfing events take place all year round, traveling from one beach to another as the swells move along. With luck, you might catch some big wave surfers out for practice or fun, or even a whole surf meet going on! It's not the best time to learn to surf, but it is a great time to watch the pros without getting any frostbite from winter waves and weather.

Hawaii isn't all fun and sun, though. The summer has a little too much sun, in fact, with the hottest and driest weather out of all the seasons. If you prefer beach days uninterrupted by heavy rain, then this is the season for you! It's also, unfortunately, the season for a lot of other people, as well as several locals. Beaches will be more crowded in the summertime, so plan ahead and get there early to scout parking.

If you're not sure about the beach, then summer's a great time for hiking. Being up in the mountains will help cool you off, and if you remember to bring as much water as possible and wear your sunscreen (even under the trees!), then you'll definitely be taking proper advantage of the good weather. Summer also means less chance of heavy rainfall to pile on the mud. If you're an inexperienced hiker, try looking up a simple trail and taking it on during the easier weather.

HikeSpeaking of all that heavy rainfall, try to avoid the rainy season, no matter what your idea of a good time is. Hawaii rain tends to bring on the humidity, and if you're very unlucky, there won't be any winds to help sweep that humidity away. You'll also run the risk of hurricanes with higher humidity. Early fall is an especially rough season for them, and it's a good idea to wait on travel until the weather has settled down a little bit more.

If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, it's a good idea to start outlining your trip goals earlier on in the process. You'll need to know what you want to do in Hawaii before you can figure out when you should go, as your decisions of time will affect the entire trip. Try to find the type of good weather that's most beneficial to your plans! In some cases, you can sacrifice a little of one thing for something else that you want, like trading empty beaches in the spring and fall for learning to surf in better weather. Have fun, and see you soon!