Fishing Excursions

Deep-sea fishing in Hawaii is great fun. Realize, however, that the state has very strict rules that carry hefty fines if you are caught breaking them. Most people will need to purchase a fishing license from the state. Many people going deep sea fishing in Hawaii choose to pay for a fishing charter. If you are going to Hawaii for deep sea fishing, then consider these tips.

Types of Fish

There are much exciting fish that you can catch in the ocean water offshore. Striped marlins weighing between 30 and 120 pounds are a popular fish to catch from February to May. The bigger Pacific blue marlins that often weigh up to 1,000 pounds start arriving in May and stay in the area until about September. One of the most fun fish to catch when deep-sea fishing in Hawaii is short bill spearfish that can weigh up to 90 pounds and be up to 9 feet long. Sailfish are another type of billfish that are caught by anglers in the waters off Hawaiian islands.

Anglers can find other types of fish as well. Yellowfin tuna weighing up to 450 pounds put up a fight before allowing themselves to be caught. Bigeye tuna up to 6 feet long are often caught. Bottom-feeding pink snappers that weigh up to 18 pounds can be caught with hardline gear and power reels. Long-tail red snappers are often caught during the winter months.


Deep-Sea Fishing Charters in Hawaii

There are many different deep sea fishing charters available in Hawaii. Consider renting a private charter for groups larger than four. If you are going by yourself or with one or two other people, then consider joining a group. Most anglers find deep-sea fishing in Hawaii better in the morning than in the afternoon. Think about how long you want to be fishing. Four hours is close to a minimum because most fish are located at least 45 minutes offshore. If you are interested in a specific species, then make sure to book a charter targeting it.

Deep-sea fishing in Hawaii is fun. You can catch billfish, tuna or snapper. Choosing the right charter is essential for catching fish along with having a great time.