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Our top picks for Average Hotels on Lanai

There are more than 700 hotels in Hawaii. We used to have a search on our site of all the hotels, but decided to provide additional help by narrowing the list down to a select few. So we reviewed all the hotels, some of them we visited, others we scoured the Internet for feedback, comparing all the sites, local blogs, whatever we could find. We used that information to narrow the list to all the Average Hotels on Lanai. This doesn't guarantee that you'll have a perfect experience, but it goes a long way towards that goal. If you know of a hotel in Lanai that should be on this list, please let us know why you feel that way. If you think a hotel on this list doesn't deserve to be on here, let us know that as well. We won't add or remove a hotel by request (otherwise the hotel would simply get staff to recommend their hotel and remove their competitors), but we will use your experiences in deciding if any changes are needed to our list.
Hotel Lanai
Hotel Lanai
  • This hotel is the ideal stop for those interested in the history of the islands. There are numerous cultural centers and local adventures to be had.
  • Prices From
  •  388 -  457