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Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching tours have quickly become a favorite tourist and local attraction alike, providing unique opportunities to view these magnificent marine mammals while learning more about them from knowledgeable naturalist guides. While tours may operate year-round in certain locations, optimal whale-watching times vary based on migration patterns of whales.

From December to April in Hawaii, for instance, humpback whales migrate into the warm waters of Pacific Ocean to give birth and mate. Many operators offer whale-watching tours at this time and visitors can witness incredible acrobatics performed by these gigantic creatures like tail slapping and breaching.

From June through November is generally the ideal time for whale watching on the east coast. Visitors may spot various types of whales during this period - fin whales and minke whales migrating up the coast.

Alaska offers visitors an ideal time and place to watch whales: May to September when the humpback whales gather to feed in the rich waters of the northern Pacific Ocean. Visitors may also catch sight of orcas, grey whales, orca fisherman and other marine life during this period.

Take into consideration that weather and ocean conditions could impact whale-watching tours. Some operators will cancel tours if unsafe conditions prevail; it is always wise to contact your tour operator prior to booking for optimal experience.

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