Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay on Oahu's famed North Shore is home, in the winter time, to a wave that is so large that no one had successfully surfed it until the late 1950's. Capable of reaching wave faces of between 30' to 40' this is still considered one of the largest and most powerful waves in the world. Rolling in during the winter time produced from storms in the North Pacific these waves are now a coveted enticement for the skilled watermen and current echelon of the "big wave" surfing elite. Though bigger waves can now be surfed in areas such as "Jaws" on Maui due to the implementation of powerful tow-in jet-skis that propel the surfer on his board into the wall of the wave at a speed necessary to keep up with the super speeds of these freight-train like behemoths, the Waimea Bay wave is arguably still the largest surf able wave that can be paddled into and ridden with the speed solely provided by the paddling of the surfer alone on his board.

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Pupukea, Oahu