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Twilight & Night Dive

Dive Kauai Scuba Center provides certified divers with an unforgettable experience through their Twilight & Night Dive tour, designed especially to explore Hawaii's underwater nightlife, when coral reefs and their inhabitants come alive like never before! This experience brings Hawaii's underwater nightlife alive in ways you won't find during daytime dives!

Starting off the tour with an intensive site and marine biology briefing to ensure divers understand all necessary procedures for night diving, the Dive Kauai team is committed to safety; each diver receives all the required scuba equipment as well as two underwater primary lights for night dives as backup lights.

Divers are likely to encounter various nocturnal marine life during their dive, such as octopus, lobsters, eels, sleeping turtles and bioluminescence - an underwater natural phenomenon which creates an enchanting underwater glow - during an average 45 minute dive at depths ranging between 25-40 feet.

For those wanting the best of both worlds, the tour also offers a two-tank twilight/night dive that allows divers to experience the reef both before and after sundown - witnessing its transition from daytime into darkness!

Dive Kauai Scuba Center provides small, personalized groups of six divers or less per instructor for an enjoyable diving experience, complete with delicious snacks and cold beverages - no additional charge applies for equipment rental!

Dive Kauai Scuba Center's Twilight & Night Dive tour is an absolute must for certified divers seeking to experience Hawaii's underwater nightlife. This experience gives them an exclusive opportunity to discover Hawaii's reef in an entirely new light, while their team provides exceptional service, safety, and expertise that makes their tour unforgettable.

Book Directly with Dive Kauai Scuba Center
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Koloa , Kauai