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Turtle Snorkeling Adventure (Kealoha)

Begin an unforgettable Turtle Snorkeling Adventure featuring Kealoha and Pink Sails Waikiki, where the waters come alive with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Sail with Pink Sails catamaran towards Turtle Canyon where these magnificent creatures glide gracefully through crystal-clear water.

As you dive through colorful coral reefs filled with marine creatures, experience first-hand encounters with gentle giants of their surroundings and create memories to last a lifetime. Experienced guides offer deep knowledge about marine ecology while making sure everyone enjoys and stays safe during this journey.

No matter your experience level or ability level in snorkeling, this trip will leave an unforgettable impression on anyone! Discover Waikiki's underwater landscape where nature's balance unfolds before your very eyes. Begin your experience with Kealoha crew then join Pink Sails Waikiki for an extraordinary journey into Hawaii's undersea world and be delighted at every moment full of wonderment and amazement.

Book Directly with Pink Sails Waikiki
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Price: $75.00
Price may vary depending on the date you select
Honolulu, Oahu