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Tesla's Inheritance @ Whaler's Village Escape Room

Tesla's Inheritance at Whaler's Village Escape Room offers an engaging Victorian-themed escape game designed to challenge both novice and intermediate players to outwit Nikola Tesla and his incredible inventions from Hawaii back during his life time. Set on these idyllic islands, players travel back in time to the days when Tesla was alive - back when his revolutionary ideas were being brought to life and tested against competitors by players of varying experience levels.

Players will need to use problem-solving skills, logic and teamwork in order to decode the clues and puzzles found throughout the escape room and unlock Tesla's secret patent that he left behind for someone worthy of taking possession.

The escape room is designed to be challenging yet enjoyable for players of all skill levels, recommended for ages 16 or above but children between the ages of 0-6 can participate for free. Each game takes one hour in duration during which players must stay focused and collaborate to unravel Tesla's Inheritance Mystery.

Overall, Tesla's Inheritance at Whaler's Village Escape Room offers an exciting way to spend an hour immersed in an adventure that blends history, science, and fun!

Book Directly with MAUI ESCAPE ROOMS
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Price: $55.00
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Lahaina , Maui