Seven Falls Hike

You can find this dangerous hike at the end of Hauula Homestead Road. The road will briefly turn into Maakua Road, and that’s when you’ll see a yellow gate at the road’s end. Park in this neighborhood and walk past the gate to start the hike on a paved path down into a valley. And make sure there are no valuables in your car. Petty thieves have been known to break into parked cars at this trailhead. You may even want to consider leaving your windows down to show would-be thieves that there is nothing of value in your car.

You won’t find many people on this trail as it grows fainter descending into the valley. Make sure to follow the flagging tape to keep you on track as you follow a stream bed. And you’ll be amazed at just how narrow this incredibly lush valley becomes as you near the waterfalls.

Due to the narrow nature of the valley, you’re at risk for flash flooding. Only challenge this hike if you are extremely confident that it will not rain anywhere near the hike. And rain showers can flood the valley if they take place far upstream in inland Oahu, so check the weather for the entire island just to be safe.

As the name suggests, you’ll find seven waterfalls along this challenging trail. The first will present itself about two hours into the hike. It’s a small waterfall, but it has a deep swimming pool at its base. The second waterfall cascades down into two pools, and you can climb up to one of the pools using a rope. Just be careful to test the rope before hauling yourself up to the pool.

To get to the seventh waterfall, you’ll have to rock hop through the valley, pull yourself up steep and slippery waterfalls, and traverse wet moss. It’s exhausting, and the chances of a painful fall are high. Only avid hikers that are in good shape should challenge this hike, and you should never do this hike alone. 

And this hike can take eight to 10 hours, so get to the trailhead early. You do not want to be on this trail after dark. But, if you have the constitution and experience, you’ll have hidden waterfalls tucked into a rainforest in the middle of Hawaii all to yourself. And you’ll also have quite a hiking story to tell for years to come.

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