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Road to Hana Tour, Private Charter

Our exclusive Road to Hana Tour can be booked as a charter and promises an incredible journey through Maui's tropical paradise. Tailored specifically to your needs, this experience takes place along the Hana Highway and stunning North Shore coast. For an even more personal journey than other tours offer, this journey can also include your family and friends accompanied by one of our knowledgeable tour guides who will accompany the group throughout their entire experience.

Our private charter gives you the ability to customize your Road to Hana adventure. Choose the activities and sights that intrigue you while skipping those that do not, select lunch locations as desired, and more - making for an experience truly tailored to you! From the moment you board our boat we provide all essential necessities such as water bottles and insect repellent as well as umbrellas and headlamps so that cave exploration can occur safely and comfortably. Plus we love joining in your adventures whether that be swimming, hiking or other forms of exploration!

The Hana Highway (or "the Road to Hana") begins its captivating journey near Kahului Airport and winds around Haleakala Volcano. You'll be dazzled by breathtaking rainforest views, tropical waterfalls and black sand beaches as you cruise the Hana Highway with our guide who can also tell you all about lava tube caves! Plus we give information on dining options available in Hana region so that your experience is unforgettable.

Our private charter allows you to tailor your tour according to your own desires. While most tours follow a standard route from Hana Town back toward Maui Town and back again, our flexible options allow you to tailor it exactly as desired. Rather than following just the standard path from Hana Town back toward Maui Town again and back again, our tour offers greater freedom. You may prefer taking on all or part of the Haleakala Volcano and scenic south shore loop, or doing it counterclockwise instead for different views and highlights - or let our guide explain both so you can make an informed decision that best suits the preferences of all members of your group!

Please be aware that weather and road closures could impact the full-loop option's availability, even though we make every attempt to offer it. Unfortunately, we can't always ensure the south shore route will be available; in such instances we cannot offer refunds but will still ensure you have an unforgettable adventure.

Let Maui's private guide take care in organizing your Road to Hana tour. Discover its incredible rainforest and coastline beauty while creating lasting memories and exploring at your own leisure - simply jump right in and experience its magic!

Book Directly with MAUI'S PRIVATE GUIDE
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Price: $900.00
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Makawao , Maui