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Oahu to Kauai: Movie Adventure Tour (K3-1D)

Prepare to experience an unforgettable movie adventure with Polynesia Adventures' Oahu to Kauai: Movie Adventure Tour (K3-1D). Prepare to be thrilled as you fly from Oahu to Kauai's breathtaking island and set out on an extraordinary tour through iconic movie sites!

Join our knowledgeable tour guide in exploring Kauai's iconic filming locations up close and personal. From Ahukini Landing to Lydgate Beach, each stop reveals its own little piece of Hollywood magic. Immerse yourself in Opaeka'a Falls and capture its essence for yourself right here in paradise!

As you discover each location, we'll treat you to clips from beloved films filmed here, taking you into the world of cinematic experience. Feel the anticipation build as you venture through Kapa'a Town with its cinematic charms, or admire Kalalea Mountain from afar.

Be amazed as you gaze in wonder at the magnificent Kilauea Lighthouse from an overlook, taking in its grandeur. When hunger strikes, enjoy a memorable lunch at Tahiti Nui Restaurant where The Descendants was shot - you'll experience mouthwatering cuisine while basking in cinematic history.

Experience Hanalei and Hanalei Pier's beauty - where movies were shot amidst scenic landscapes - by taking breathtaking photographs that will last a lifetime. Capture these unforgettable sights for lasting memories!

Join Polynesia Adventures on their Oahu to Kauai: Movie Adventure Tour (K3-1D), and let Polynesia Adventures transport you on an extraordinary voyage through movie magic and Kauai's unparalleled beauty! Book today and make your silver screen dreams a reality!

Book Directly with Polynesian Adventure
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