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Maunakea Stellar Explorer Kona

KapohoKine Tours invites you on an incredible celestial adventure with their Maunakea Star Explorer Kona tour! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience combining solar viewing during the daytime with nighttime astronomical observation; this adventure welcomes stargazers of any age to join.

Your evening starts with an exquisite dinner that sets the scene for an incredible adventure. Your guide will use a solar telescope to observe solar flares and sunspots as the sun sets - giving a spectacular display.

Continue your adventure along the iconic Saddle Road situated between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa's towering giants, where your National Park Service-trained guide will regale you with fascinating tales about volcanology, geology and their rich histories - along with detailed narrations about lava flows, lush vegetation and diverse wildlife that inhabits it all.

Make the journey to Mauna Kea and experience nighttime stargazing like never before with one of our recommended locations on Mauna Kea! Gaze upon an impressive large aperture Dobsonian Telescope under some of Earth's purest skies to gaze upon galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, planets and double star systems as you gaze upon galaxies galore! You won't forget this experience!

After your mesmerizing celestial adventure, unwind with a hot cup of 100% Kona coffee or hot chocolate and reflect upon all the beautiful sights you saw. Warm jackets ensure maximum comfort throughout your adventure.

Join us on a Maunakea Stellar Explorer Kona Tour to experience its majestic beauty, honoring Native Hawaiian concerns by not visiting its summit. Be amazed by its beauty - reserve your place now to create memories you will treasure throughout your life.


Book Directly with KapohoKine Adventures
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Hilo , Big Island