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Maui Goat Yoga with Our Miniature

Maui Goat Yoga with Our Miniature Goats offers an innovative and fun experience, combining yoga, animal-assisted therapy and breathtaking coastal views on Maui into one hour 15 minute activity that not only offers physical exercise but also offers therapeutic and joyful benefits that allow participants to release stress while focusing on positive thoughts and emotions for an hour and 15 minutes! This 1 hour 15 minutes activity offers not just another yoga class - rather, participants experience something much deeper.

Miniature goats add an extra dimension of relaxation and joy to our classes, not only as adorable cuddly companions, but also because they can have a positive influence on human psyche, helping reduce anxiety. Plus they love playing and interacting with guests during class making this experience truly memorable!

Maui Goat Yoga with Our Miniature Goats is suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels - beginners to experienced. It provides an opportunity for challenging both physically and mentally while enjoying beautiful scenery with charming creatures! Mats can be rented at a nominal fee to make participation even simpler for everyone!

Overall, Maui Goat Yoga with Our Miniature Goats offers an unforgettable experience that blends the benefits of yoga, animal-assisted therapy, and breathtaking nature into one delightful activity that promotes health, wellbeing, and happiness. Highly recommended to any Maui visitor looking for something truly extraordinary and enjoyable!

Book Directly with Maui Goat Yoga
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