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Majestic Manta Rays Snorkel/1-Tank Scuba Dive Adventure

Listed as one of the Top ten Dive sites in the world according to National Geographic, the Kona Coast of Hawaii is perhaps the best place on earth to do this amazing activity. Manta Rays are gentle giants and among the most elegant creatures in all of nature. We will take you to a spot where they gather to feed in the evening. Our lights attract the plankton, and in turn the Manta Rays as they feed on these microscopic organism. Sounds exiting? That's because it truly is. Manta Rays are completely harmless.

We will be floating on the surface as a group on our custom built board with spotlights pointing down on these creatures swimming below. Watch as these beautiful creatures glide beneath you, performing somersaults and spins.


Check price and Availability
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Kailua-Kona , Big Island