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Manta Ray Night Adventure

Hang Loose Boat Tours in Hawaii provides an unforgettable Manta Ray Night Adventure experience for marine life enthusiasts. Taking place during nightfall, this tour provides visitors a rare chance to witness these magnificent creatures up close as they surface to feed on plankton - creating an opportunity to experience these remarkable marine species up close and personal!

Start off the adventure right with a short briefing about the tour, safety guidelines, and manta ray behavior. Next up is being transported to a boat specially designed to view manta rays; its spacious deck allows guests to observe these gorgeous marine mammals from an ideal distance.

Once at the manta ray viewing area, crew members lower large lights into the water which attract plankton which in turn attracts manta rays. Visitors have an opportunity to snorkel and swim alongside these gentle giants or simply watch from their boat.

Manta rays are magnificent creatures to witness, reaching up to 20 feet in wingspan and completely harmless for human consumption. Visitors often describe this experience as inspiring and peaceful as they watch these majestic creatures glide gracefully through the water.

Hang Loose Boat Tours provides an unforgettable and exceptional Manta Ray Night Adventure that should not be missed when visiting Hawaii. Their knowledgeable crew, cutting-edge equipment and understanding of manta rays all contribute to a tour that is safe, entertaining and educational all at the same time!

Book Directly with Hang Loose Boat Tours
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Kailua-Kona , Big Island