Maluaka Beach

Sometimes this beach is referred to as "Turtle Town," as it's the absolute best beach on Maui's south shore for snorkeling and to see turtles. The white sand of this impeccable beach with its calm blue waters is a favorite to view the multitude of marine life. The population of Hawaiian green sea turtles doesn't get any better than here, as its name suggests. It's located off Makena Road, just south of Wailea. It's easy to pass up the entrance, so watch for it off the main road.

With the beach being protected from the trade winds and hidden behind Haleakala Mountain, it makes the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, or boating. Sunbathing, beach volleyball, and relaxing are also popular choices for things to do. Or, just walk along the beach until you reach the rocks to find the turtles and fish. You may just see a turtle munching on seaweed.

Parking is somewhat limited, but if you go early, it shouldn't be a problem. There are showers and restrooms at the north end, at the parking low and at the far south end of the beach, but no lifeguard. You'll find food and drinks at the Westin Maui Hotel, or you can bring your own.

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