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Kona Coffee Tour

Join us on an unforgettable tour through the captivating world of Kona coffee! Embark on an experience filled with rich history, exquisite flavors and aromatic charm of this legendary Hawaiian coffee. In just 45 minutes, our Kona Coffee Tour will transport you directly into a flourishing coffee plantation and reveal all its secrets - uncovering some amazing brews in just 1 visit.

On this tour, you'll have an incredible opportunity to experience what makes Kona coffee special. While strolling through lush fields with our knowledgeable guides, they'll share fascinating insight into its cultivation and harvesting processes, from red cherries to meticulous sorting and roasting techniques - giving you a true appreciation for craftsmanship that goes into creating each cup!

Delight your senses with an exquisite tasting experience, tasting the distinct flavors and velvety smoothness that have made Kona coffee world-famous. Our experienced baristas will guide you through different brewing methods so that you can discover which version of this exquisite coffee you prefer best!

But the journey doesn't stop there! Our tour includes more than Kona coffee; you will also discover other local gems such as macadamia nuts and tropical fruits to create an experience that celebrates Hawaii's vibrant flavors.

No matter your coffee preference or curiosity level, our Kona Coffee Tour guarantees an unforgettable adventure. Let the magic of Kona coffee fill your senses while we take you on an incredible exploration of flavor, history, and culture! Book today and treat yourself to an unparalleled coffee experience!

Book Directly with Kailua Kona Estate
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Kailua-Kona, Big Island