Kailua Beach Park

Close your eyes. Imagine your dream Hawaiian Beach. Drink in the colors of the water and the softness of the sand. We're happy to say that this beach that lives inside your imagination is actually real. It sits on Oahu's eastern shore. Its name is Kailua.

This is perhaps the most beautiful beach in all of Hawaii. It boasts electric blue water, and the sparkling technicolor of the water is enhanced by the whitest sand in the world. It feels like a dream when you lay eyes on this slice of paradise for the first time.

And there's plenty of this beach to go around. It measures 2.5 miles long which makes it one of the longest beaches in all of Hawaii. It's white-than-white sand stretches for as far as the eye can see. You can truly get lost here. In a good way, of course.

The Beach is Growing

This beautiful beach has inspired some development. You'll find multi-million dollar mansions next to Kailua Beach Park. And to save their investments from rising sea levels, some of these mansion owners have built sea walls.

These sea walls rob the mansions of their beachfront status, Owners can no longer stroll out of their back doors straight to the soft sand of Kailua Beach. But their loss is your gain. The sand that would have piled up on their properties now accumulates on the public portions of Kailua Beach. It’s actually growing despite Hawaii-wide erosion.

Meet the Locals

It might be difficult to understand, but locals can actually get bored of Hawaii's natural attractions. It's only natural if you've spent a lifetime looking at them. But Kailua Beach is an exception. You'll find locals on this beach from sun up to sundown.

Early in the morning, you're likely to see locals running and exercising on the beach. You'll run into locals swimming, snorkeling and stand-up paddleboarding in the middle of the day. And after work and into the evening, you'll find locals barbecuing as they celebrate their Ohana against the setting sun.

The Beach

Kailua Beach couldn't be any more perfect. The sand is the whitest in all of Hawaii which means it doesn't get too hot in the sun. It's made up of calcium from crushed up coral which doesn't retain the sun's heat very well.

The water is crystal clear and screams with an electric blue. It's almost too much to look at.

And the soft sand of the beach is backed up by ironwood trees with a few coconut trees scattered about.  The tree's shade makes for the perfect gathering place for family and friends.

Under the shade of the trees, you'll find a well-maintained park with bathroom facilities, barbecues, picnic tables and showers. Some of the picnic tables are even covered. You can also take advantage of a concession stand and kayak rental kiosk. Feel free to play volleyball on the park's courts, and there's a lifeguard on duty for your safety.

The Water

Summer usually brings calm waters to Hawaii, but you should always check the surf reports before heading to the windward coast's Kailua Beach. During winter, the wind can pick up and the waves can come rolling in. This makes for perfect windsurfing conditions, and the small near-shore waves are great for the novice surfer.

You'll see kayak rental spots along the road to Kailua, and there is a kayak rental kiosk on the beach itself. Kayaking Kailua is absolutely beautiful when the waters are calm. There are even kayaking tours that take you to Mokulua Island which sits 2.5 miles off the coast.

You'll find a natural volcanic rock wall extending into the water at Kailua. The jetty helps create small waves that are fun for the kids, especially if they have a boogie board.

Swimming doesn't get any better than at Kailua Beach. The sand is incredibly soft and the ocean bottom is flat. When the water is calm, Kailua is perhaps the best spot to cool off. You can wade around in cool water, look back at the ironwood trees or out at Mokulua Island, and feel grateful that you've found this corner of paradise.

Getting Here

Take the H-1 Freeway west out of Honolulu. Take the Pali Highway exit towards Kailua. Once in town, turn right on Kailua Street to head to the downtown area. Drive through the downtown area before merging left towards the water. Take a right onto Kawailoa Street to pass over a small bridge. You’ll find free parking for Kailua Beach Park past Buzz’s Steakhouse on the left.

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