Hoʻokipa Beach Park

Ho'okipa Beach is an adventurer's ideal spot! With its large and fringing coral reefs that make shore breaks and steady wind that produces towering waves. Ho'okipa Beach provides thrill-seekers an exciting surfing experience all the year. If surfing isn't your style go to Ho'okipa Beach Lookout on its most eastern side to enjoy the view from a vantage point with the binoculars, or zoom lens!

Ho'okipa Beach Park is an perfect surfers' paradise. With its expansive coral reefs that provide numerous shore breaks for both experienced as well as professional surfers Ho'okipa is a appealing location. It's not difficult to see that Ho'okipa is an attractive destination!

Ho'okipa Beach Lookout: For those who want to just be able to watch the surf and not ride, Ho'okipa Beach Lookout at the easternmost point of the beach provides an ideal spot from which to watch the action-packed surf that unfolds in front of them. Visitors can make use of binoculars and zoom lenses to view the thrilling surf action!

Coral Reefs and Tidepools: Ho'okipa Beach offers visitors an immersive aquatic experience beyond surfing with its fringing coral reefs that extend into shallow tidepools off its white sandy beaches, creating cool tidepools for cooling off or for snorkeling along rich tropical fish-filled reefs. Wading into these pools or using snorkel gear allows them to explore vibrant marine life inhabiting tropical fish-filled reefs - Ho'okipa Beach provides visitors with an unparalleled aquatic adventure!

Facts about Hoʻokipa Beach Park

Location: Hana Highway, Maui, Hawaii
Parking: Ample parking available
Access: Directly accessible from Hana Highway
Dangers: Strong currents, powerful waves
Amenities: Picnic tables, restrooms, showers
Activities: Surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, beachcombing
Scenic Qualities: Panoramic views of the ocean, coastal cliffs
Wildlife and Natural Features: Sea turtles, seabirds, tidal pools
Cultural or Historical Significance: Traditional Hawaiian surfing spot
Seasonal Information: Year-round destination
Family Friendliness: Not ideal for families due to strong currents
Nearby Attractions: Paia Town, Haleakalā National Park, Hana Highway sights

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Price: Free
Paia, Maui