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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Experience from Kauai

Experience Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on an unforgettable journey by joining us from Lihue on Kauai for our inter-island flight, where an unparalleled world awaits!

Be prepared to be amazed by Mother Nature! Come discover Kona Coffee Farm where freshly-roast coffee beans will awaken all your senses, or discover Kona Town with its bustling culture and picturesque landscapes.

At Punalu'u, enjoy sweet breads that rival those found on its black-sand beaches for deliciousness and feel the magical energy from its volcanic rock structures as you stroll its picturesque shores. Be amazed by its natural beauty!

Discover the lush tropical jungle of Kilauea Iki Rainforest Overlook. Take in its fresh air and beautiful surroundings as you make your way through. At the Kilauea Visitors Center, gain more knowledge on how active volcanoes have contributed to forming Hawaii Island.

Experience the raw power of nature at active volcanic steam vents as they exhale steamy breath into the air. Volcanic activity creates breath-taking landscapes such as Thurston Lava Tubes and Halema'uma'u Crater; just two examples!

Your journey will include water, juices, sodas and snacks for your comfort throughout. At lunch time we will stop in an inviting local restaurant so you can indulge in an incredible culinary experience on us!

Do not miss this rare chance to witness Hawaii's true volcanic heritage. Prepare to be amazed at Kilauea and Big Island landscapes' unbridled beauty!

Book Directly with Aloha Sunshine Tours
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Lihue, Big Island