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Hanapepe Walking Food Tour

Start on an unforgettable culinary adventure through Hanapepe with our Hanapepe Walking Food Tour. Indulge in this two-hour excursion that explores Kauai's rich history, vibrant culture and delectable flavors while providing you with an immersive experience that brings this beautiful town to life!

With exclusive access and insider knowledge, you will gain a deeper insight into Hanapepe's culinary scene. Our intimate groups ensure a personalized experience as you meet local chefs, business owners, and those behind-the-scenes who bring Hanapepe food alive. Feel free to ask any questions and engage with the community; form connections while making memories that last a lifetime!

As you explore Hanapepe's charming streets, you will come across hidden establishments offering the best of Kauai. Taste traditional Hawaiian dishes that will tantalize your tastebuds and introduce authentic flavors from Kauai with each bite; enjoy fresh local ingredients that showcase seasonal delights of Garden Isle life!

Join us on this playful, educational, and delicious tour that highlights Hanapepe's culinary gems! Uncover its hidden gems, indulge in tasty delicacies, and experience Kauai's vibrant food culture - your journey ends beautifully as it arrives just in time for Hanapepe's weekly Friday Art Night, where creativity meets culinary in an unforgettable combination!

Book Directly with Tasting Kauai
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