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Kauai's Ultimate Guided Shore Snorkeling Adventure SOUTH

Embark on Kauai's Ultimate Guided Shore Snorkeling Adventure at the breathtaking south shore of the island. This two-hour tour is designed to take you past the beach and into the spell binding underwater world of Kauai's pristine reefs. With a licensed dive instructor as your guide, you will have the opportunity to explore the vibrant atmosphere and discover the diverse marine existence that inhabits these crystal-clear waters.

As you snorkel along the south shore, you may stumble upon a mess of tropical fish, graceful sea urchins, and if you're lucky, you would possibly even spot a majestic Hawaiian inexperienced sea turtle nesting at the beach or a Hawaiian monk seal basking within the warm sun. It's important to do not forget to preserve a respectful distance of 50 feet from those endangered species, making sure their properly-being and protection.

During the tour, your knowledgeable guide will offer valuable insights into Kauai's specific ecosystem, sharing charming facts about the neighborhood marine lifestyles and their habitats. Whether you are a pro snorkeler or a amateur, this adventure welcomes all skill stages, imparting a secure and academic enjoy for all and sundry.

To keep you refreshed and energized for the duration of the excursion, the package includes fruit juice, water, and a snack. So, gear up, dive in, and immerse your self in the wonders of Kauai's captivating underwater international in this unforgettable guided snorkeling journey along the south shore.


Book Directly with Kauai Z-Tourz
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Koloa , Kauai