Cockroach Cove

Welcome to Cockroach Cove! This cool little beach, also known as Halona Cove and Eternity Beach, is a hidden treasure on Oahu. It's a special place where the ocean meets the cliffs, and there's always something fun to see and do. This small kine beach is more than just its name, brimming with beauty and a peaceful vibe that's perfect for your island adventure.

Why You Gotta Check Out Cockroach Cove

Check Out Cockroach Cove

First off, the location is mint. Right next to the famous Halona Blowhole on the southeastern shore of Oahu, this spot is like a postcard come to life. Just a short cruise from Honolulu, you'll find yourself in a world apart. Park at the Halona Blowhole lookout - the parking's free, but it can get tight on busy days.
Getting to the cove is a bit of an adventure itself. There's this rocky trail that goes down to the beach. It's steep, so watch your step, but it's totally worth it. The trail can be a bit slippery, so proper footwear is a must.

Facts about Cockroach Cove

  • Alternate Names: Eternity Beach, Halona Beach Cove
  • Location: Southeastern shore of Oahu, near Halona Blowhole
  • Parking: Available at Halona Blowhole lookout; limited space
  • Access: Accessed via a steep, rocky trail from the parking area
  • Dangers: Strong currents, rough waves; caution advised for swimming; also steep, rocky access
  • Amenities: No lifeguards, restrooms, or showers
  • Seasonal Information: Better swimming conditions in calmer seasons, typically in winter
  • Family Friendliness: May not be ideal for young children due to access and swimming conditions
  • Nearby Attractions: Halona Blowhole, Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach

What's So Special About This Cove?

Special About This Cove

Firstly, the cove isn't huge, which means it's usually not crowded. It's tucked away between some tall cliffs, giving you some primo privacy and a kind of cozy feel. The sand's soft, and the waves funnel into the cove, making for some awesome sights.
The ocean can be a bit tricky here, though. During most of the year, the swells come rolling right into the cove, creating a strong current. It's not always the best for swimming, especially if the waves are up. But when it's calm, especially in the winter months, you might just have the perfect spot for a dip. And if you're lucky, you might see some honu (sea turtles) while snorkeling - just remember to respect these majestic creatures and look, don't touch.

Don't Forget to Explore

There's more to Cockroach Cove than just chilling on the beach. There's this neat lava tube right behind the beach. It's like a secret tunnel that goes under the highway. If you're up for a little exploring, you can walk through it - just be ready to duck down at the end.

Be Prepared

Since Cockroach Cove is kinda off the beaten path, there aren't any lifeguards or amenities like showers or restrooms. The closest facilities are down the road at Sandy Beach. So, pack what you need - water, sunscreen, snacks, and maybe a towel.

A Bit of Hollywood in Hawaii

Here's a cool fact: this cove has been a hotspot for filmmakers. It's where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr had that iconic smooch in "From Here to Eternity." And it's not just old school - more recent flicks like "50 First Dates" and even music videos have been shot here. So, you're walking on a bit of Hollywood history!

Staying Safe and Enjoying the Cove

Just a few tips for staying safe: watch the waves and currents, stay clear of the rocky edges, and take care of the ‘aina (land). The sun can be fierce, so sun protection is key. And remember, no lifeguard on duty, so swim smart.

Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Cockroach Cove is more than just a beach. It's a little slice of paradise with a dash of adventure and a whole lot of natural beauty. Whether you're looking to explore, kick back, or just soak in some island vibes, this cove's got you covered. Just respect the place and enjoy every moment.

Mahalo for reading, and enjoy your time at Cockroach Cove!

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