Cape Kumukahi Black Sand Beach

Cape Kumukahi, located on the Big Island's easternmost point, stands as testimony to the transformative power of lava flows - specifically those in 1960 and 2018. While its landscape remains stark with an historic light tower and solitude, its latest lava flow altered accessibility by making a four-mile roundtrip hike accessible through Cape Kumukahi now accessible via hiking trail.

Cape Kumukahi offers an exceptional example of how lava flows have altered landscape, with both the 1960 Kapoho Lava Flow and 2018 Lower Puna Lava Flow having left their mark, leaving behind an environment marked by historic light towers and newly formed black sand beaches.

Since the 2018 lava flow, Cape Kumukahi has seen the formation of a one-third mile long black sand beach at Cape Kumukahi; replacing its jagged lava rock shoreline. Unfortunately, however, access is currently restricted due to old gravel roads being covered over.

Solitude and Historic Landmark: Cape Kumukahi offers both solitude and historic light tower. Hikers who make the trek are rewarded by exploring its black sand beach as well as witnessing recent lava flows shaping its changing landscapes.

Facts about Cape Kumukahi Black Sand Beach

Alternate Names: Cape Kumukahi
Location: Southeastern coast of Hawaii's Big Island
Parking: Limited parking available nearby
Access: Accessible by car, followed by a short walk
Dangers: Strong currents, rough waves, and sharp rocks
Amenities: Limited amenities, no facilities on-site
Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking
Scenic Qualities: Rugged cliffs, black sand shoreline, panoramic ocean views
Wildlife and Natural Features: Marine life including fish, turtles, and occasional dolphins
Cultural or Historical Significance: Ancient Hawaiian settlements and archaeological sites nearby
Seasonal Information: Best visited during dry, calm weather conditions
Family Friendliness: Suitable for families, but caution advised due to water hazards
Nearby Attractions: Cape Kumukahi Lighthouse, Kapoho Tide Pools

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Pāhoa, Big Island