Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach is located on the northern end of Ka'anapali Beach on Maui's western side. It was formed from volcanic lava flowing and is very rocky, making it an excellent place to cliff-dive into the water. Its Hawaiian name is Pu'u Keka'a and was derived from ancient Hawaiians believing this was where their spirits went to jump off to be forever joined with their ancestors. The family's guardian animal spirit, aumakua, couldn't always show them the way, so their spirit would be unlucky and attach themselves to the rocks. Some think this is the reason the superstition "it is bad luck to take a Hawai'ian lava rock" comes from.

Black Rock BeachMany who come to Black Rock leap off the rocks for fun. A resort-sponsored event holds a sunset torch lighting that also ends in someone jumping off the rocks. The snorkeling and diving are both excellent at this beach. There is an amazing abundance of coral, sea turtles, and fish to observe. The water can be a little tricky as it gets very deep quickly, so weaker swimmers need to be extra careful as the currents can be very strong. The facilities at the beach are in the resorts, but visitors are welcome to use their bathrooms and showers. Snacks, water, and other refreshments can be found in the resorts. Parking can also be in the resort parking lots or use parking for the nearby Ka'anapali Beach. Lifeguards are present for your safety.

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Lahaina, Maui