Sans Souci Beach

Sans Souci Beach is a small but beautiful beach with a big history. This lovely white sand beach is in Kapiolani Park just about a fifteen-minute walk from Waikiki. Sans Souci Beach is a great place to go to avoid the crowds typically found in Waikiki and it's a great place to lay-out or enjoy a wonderful swim. Many local residents can be seen in the mornings doing laps from one side of the beach to the other and it is also generally calm enough for stand-up paddling as well. Snorkeling is not its strong suit however although it is probably one of the better places to snorkel close to Waikiki. Surfing can be good when the south swell is upon us and there is a break known as "Castles" and another known as "Old Man's" which will break on the outer reef that protects Sans Souci Beach. A channel to the open ocean that arrives at Sans Souci Beach is the Kapua Channel and caution should be exercised here because it can often produce a very strong current which is difficult to swim against.