Sandy Beach

This beach is dangerous for a number of reasons. First off it is located at Oahu's extreme southern point and will receive wave action from all directions and get both south and north swells. It is rare to find a day when there is not some wave activity at Sandy Beach. Secondly the waves can sweep directly onto shore coming from the channel between Molokai and Oahu unimpeded. There is no fringe reef protecting Sandy Beach from the outside and because the ocean bottom sweeps down steeply from the coastline the waves do not slow up until they break on the shoreline. Thirdly, there are often strong currents found at Sandy Beach and even more often, extremely strong currents. A fourth danger is that the wave which breaks at Sandy Beach is a shore break. The curl can take you and deposit you directly on the compact sand, and in the worse case scenarios right on your head. A fifth danger is that the waves are capable of coming in and sweeping you off your feet in ankle deep water and dragging you back in. A sixth danger is that there are large underwater rocks that you often can't see until it is too late.