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Perfect Pour Over

"Mastering the Art of Pour Over" will introduce you to the world of perfect pour-over coffee brewing techniques. Danni, an experienced barista and dedicated coffee lover will lead this engaging class where you will gain all of the skills and knowledge needed to produce delicious cups of coffee in just 45 minutes!

Danni will demonstrate all of the complexities associated with pour-over brewing. She'll share her expert knowledge on water temperature and other variables such as grind size and ratios so you can gain a fuller appreciation of their impact on flavor profiles of coffee beverages, enabling you to customize your brew.

This course goes beyond traditional lecture-based learning - get ready to get your hands dirty and learn by doing! Danni will show you how to pour over coffee, before giving you time and space to practice on your own. Pouring hot water over freshly ground beans releases aromatic oils and brings out its full flavors.

Danni's enthusiasm and agricultural background will offer guidance as you embark on your coffee-brewing journey.

Learn the art of pour over coffee brewing with Danni today, and enjoy an exquisite cup! Don't miss this chance to experience something truly exceptional - sign up now and let her guide you through its techniques and traditions that make pour-over a truly exceptional coffee experience!

Book Directly with Fareharbor
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Kailua , Big Island