Lihue Kauai Lei Greetings

It is our pleasure to introduce LEIS OF HAWAII, a specialized Airport Lei Greeting Service in business since 1984. We service all major Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu International, Maui Kahului, Kona Keahole and Kauai Lihue for arrivals or departures from areas such as airports, cruise ships, hotels, luau functions, and convention meetings.

Our courteous uniformed greeters will help create a perfect first impression to start your Hawaiian vacation.

After deplaning, clients should recognize their name sign. In the traditional way of saying Aloha, a lei, specially selected from one of our four service categories, will then be presented.

Full service clients will be escorted to the baggage claim area to claim their luggage. Assistance will be provided. Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have regarding airline tickets, car rental reservations, travel arrangements, or "thing to see". For a nominal charge, we also offer limousine service to your Hotel. What better way to start your Hawaiian vacation than a first-class, hassle-free, greeting package from LEIS OF HAWAII!

Lei Choices & Rates

Standard (One Person): $150/each

Sonia Orchid Lei

Standard Upgrade (One Person): $160/each
Plumeria Lei

  • Plumeria, Sonia Orchid & Tuberose, Sonia Orchid & White Carnation Plumeria / Carnation, Carnation Carnation, Tuberose, Tuberose / Purple Denderobium, Dendrobium, Purple Dendrobium / Pink Carnation, White & Purple Dendrobium / White Carnation, Ti-Leaf

Superior (One Person): $170/each
Ti-Leaf & Sonia Orchid Lei

  • Ti-Leaf w/ Sonia Orchid, Tuberose, Pikake, Bozo, White Orchid, Rose, Me'e Much Orange

Deluxe (One Person): $180/each
Double Plumeria Lei

  • Double Plumeria Yellow, Tuberose, Tuberose / Rose, Tuberose / Lantern Ilima, Tuberose / Sonia Orchid, Sonia Orchid, Pikky Sonia Orchid, Dendrobium / Roses, Dendrobium, Red & White Carnation, Carnation & White Dendrobium

Special (One Person): $190/each
Crown Pikake Style Lei

  • Crown Pikake Style, Micronesian Ginger, Micronesian Ginger / Red Tips, Micronesian Ginger / Purple Tips, Oha'i-Ali'i, Cigar - Kika Orange, Cigar - Kika Pink, Bozo, Maile, Puakenikeni, Haku Head White / Green, Haku Neck White / Green, Haku Head & Neck Sonia, Haku Head & Neck Colorful, Kukui Nut White & Mock Orange, Kukui Nut Black & Mock Orange

V.I.P. (One Person): $200/each
Feather Sonia Orchid Lei

  • Feather Sonia Orchid, Triple White Ginger, Christina Orchid Feather, Sweetheart Orchid, Black Beauty Orchid, King II Orchid, Leilani Orchid, Everlasting Bozo, Ola'a Beauty, Dahlia Mix Colors (Purple, Lavender, Green and White)

Celebrity (One Person): $250/each
Sweet Darling Lei

  • Sweet Darling, Centipede, Honey, Lucky, Lover King

Bride & Groom Wedding Set - (1) Set of (2) Leis $275 Total:
1-Double White Orchid & 1-Ti-Leaf & White Orchid Leis

  • (1-Double White Orchid & 1-Ti-Leaf & White Orchid Twist Open End) (1-Double Sonia Orchid & 1-Ti-Leaf & Sonia Orchid Twist Open End) (1-Double Green Orchid & 1-Ti-Leaf & Green Orchid Twist Open End)

Other Lei Greetings

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Price may vary depending on the date you select
Lihue, Kauai